Child Abuse: Creepy Church pushing Trans Identity on 4 year old (video)

Posted by on November 23, 2020 11:48 am
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The cult chanting at the end is particularly unsettling

A clip from a new HBO documentary showed adults accompanying a 4-year-old biological boy to announce his preferred sexual identity as a girl.

The clip shows his parents taking Phoenix to a LGBTQ religious ceremony at their Unitarian church. The child is handed a microphone as the child’s mother announces, “This is Phoenix.” The child then turned to the mother and said, “I’m a little shy.”

“You’re a little shy? Do you want to tell everybody if you’re a boy or a girl?” the mother asked.

“I just want to tell them that I’m a girl,” the child responded, still looking at the mother.

“Ok,” the mother said. “You can tell them that.”

The child took a deep breath and appeared to be about to speak into the microphone, then turned to the mother and said, “I don’t want to do it.”

“Ok,” the mother answered. “Phoenix would like you to know that she’s a girl and she prefers she and her pronouns.”

The toddler is handed a flower and the group gathered for the ceremony said in unison: “May you be well, safe, and whole. We honor you exactly as you are.”

The clip is taken from the HBO documentary “Transhood” which follows the lives of four young people growing up transgender in Kansas City.

Documentary Normalizing chid abuse

If an adult decides that he or she is actually meant to be a she or he, that’s their prerogative.

They’re an adult, and they can make that decision.

You know who can’t make that decision? A young child. So some woke adults are taking it upon themselves to make that decision for them.

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