‘Adam Schiff lies like other people change underwear’…

Posted by on October 21, 2020 11:17 am
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Glenn Greenwald with Tucker Carlson

“First of all, Adam Schiff is seriously the most pathological liar in all of American politics that I have seen in all of my time covering politics and journalism,” he said. “He just fabricates accusations at the drop of a hat the way that other people change underwear.”

“He is simply lying when he just asserts over and over that the Russians or the Kremlin are behind this story. He has no idea whether or not that’s true. There’s no evidence to support it.”

“And what makes it so much worse is that the reason the Bidens aren’t answering basic questions about this story, basic questions like did Hunter Biden drop that laptop off at that repair shop?” Greenwald continued. “Are the emails authentic? Do you deny that they are? Do you claim any have been altered? Or any of them for fabricated? Did you, in fact, meet with Burisma executives as these emails suggest? The reason that they don’t answer any questions is because the media has signaled that they don’t have to — that journalists will be attacked and vilified simply for asking.”

Greenwald went on to attack the CIA.

“The whole point of the intelligence community since the end of World War II was that whatever propaganda the CIA produces, whatever disinformation campaigns they engage in, were never supposed to be directed domestically,” Greenwald said. “That was the point of the NSA, the CIA and all of those intelligence communities. And what we’ve seen since 2016, going back to the 2016 campaign, is incessant involvement in U.S. domestic politics, working with journalists to disseminate information purely for partisan ends, and if you want to talk about things like violating norms and dangerous to democracy, what is more dangerous than allowing the CIA constantly to be manipulating our politics by making cover for the Biden campaign by claiming anonymously that the Russians are behind this story, and therefore you ought to disregard it.”

“Even if the Russians were behind the story, why does that alleviate the responsibility of journalists to evaluate these emails and to examine whether or not Joe Biden actually engaged in misconduct?” he added. “But the much bigger point is the way that this information is being disseminated. It is a union of journalists who have decided that their only goal is to defend Joe Biden and elect him President of the United States, working with the CIA and the FBI and the NSA, not to manipulate our adversaries or foreign governments, but to manipulate the American people for their own ends. It’s been going on for four straight years now, and there’s no sign of it stopping anytime soon.”

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