Chaos Erupts As Despicable BLM/Antifa Terrorize Trump Supporters In DC…

Posted by on November 15, 2020 8:45 am
Categories: Headlines

  • President Trump blasted counter protesters who descended on the Million MAGA March as ‘Antifa scum’ in a tweet on Saturday night
  • Proud Boys and Trump supporters brawled with left-wing groups for several minutes before cops arrived
  • One man in his 20s was left with serious injuries after being stabbed in the back in an altercation 
  • Two police officers were also injured as they tried to subdue the groups
  • Fireworks and bottles were thrown at some Trump fans dining outside as tensions mounted 
  • Thousands had gathered in Freedom Plaza in Washington DC on Saturday for a pro-Trump ‘Million MAGA March’ in support of the president’s claims of widespread election fraud
  • Left-wing groups and self-proclaimed anarchists also showed up to confront Trump’s supporters
  • Skirmishes of pushing and shoving broke out before police formed lines to separate the groups  
  • At least twenty arrests were made as of 10pm Saturday

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