Crazy Trump Hating Journalist Claims to be a Victim after Harassing Men on a Train for not wearing Mask

Posted by on January 6, 2021 7:11 am
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I guess calling her a Journalist is a bit of a stretch. She seems to be more of an activist with a video camera and a severe case of (TDS) Trump derangement syndrome. This is the type of woman who I think many of us have encountered . A left wing crazy who sees racism in the clouds and constantly projects her own bigotry onto other people.

Meet Sandi Bachom

‘I want to live, and I want to see a world without Donald f*cking Trump’

I think by now you can see by now Sandi Bachom is a very sad and addled woman who is constantly trying to seek out attention. She since has gone to her “70,000 Followers on twitter” and claimed to be a victim. I would post some of her tweets but she made her account private this morning.

However, you can check out her slanted Orange Man Bad Facebook and Youtube channel.

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