Antifa/BLM Infiltration…Agent Provocateur Tatics

Posted by on January 6, 2021 9:16 pm
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Some have their doubts about whether the protestors who suddenly turned violent were legitimate Trump supporters or just there to cause chaos.

One user on Facebook stated the following:

“It makes NO sense from the viewpoint of true patriots. More and more on-ground intel is coming to the surface that the breach of the Capitol building has been initiated by ANTIFA thugs dressed up as Trump supporters. Classic Agent Provocateur tactics and straight out of the communist/Marxist color revolution playbook. The MSM is already having a field day, blaming Trump supporters for violence.”

FB User DC False Flag Comment

A message posted online shortly before the Washington DC protests warned that both BLM and ANTIFA were busing in people to instigate violence:

“Please patriots pray and be careful… BLM Balt. / DC [Antifa] branches are already busing people in to disturb January 6th. Orders given to dress like “MAGA” [and] blend in [to] cause trouble especially around cameras. At night arson has been ordered. All to be blamed on Trump supporters attending.”

Warning BLM Antifa To Infiltrate MAGA Protests In Washington DC
Source: 4chan

User @chesterbelloc3 believes a psyop is in progress to condition the population to accept martial law under a Biden administration because of right wing terrorism:

“Took a brief look at the news today. Back to what I was doing. You are watching a psy-op run by agent provocateurs. Don’t buy into the Q silliness. This is being orchestrated to set the tone of the next admin, martial law and constant panic about RW terrorism.”


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