Jackboot Covid Police in Spain…

Posted by on November 27, 2020 9:06 am
Categories: Headlines

A young woman in Sabadell, Spain is tased after trying to bring her mother to a psychologist’s appointment. This violated the clinic’s policies on patients bringing people with them to appointments due to COVID-19, and they called the police.There is literally no justification for this. None. At a mental health facility no less, where obviously the patients are going to need more delicacy. The world is truly on one wicked downward spiral. Is there ever going to come a day when we all stand up and say enough is enough?..Because the worldwide response to COVID is not about healthcare so much as about control….There wasn’t any reason to taser here while she was calming down, from behind, just to have easier access for apprehending her. You can’t really argue for that second taser use…

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