James O’Keefe is not having it …

Posted by on October 9, 2020 8:08 am
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O’Keefe discusses Fox 9 hit piece on Ilhan Omar ballot harvesting

We are reacting to an outrageous story out of Minneapolis Fox9—they literally left the truth on the cutting room floor. We are going nuclear on these guys.

Before the story aired, we talked to the reporter Tom Lyden. We told him there was no $10,000 bribe offered to Liban Mohamed, also known as Liban Osman. We told Tom Lyden our Project Veritas Insider Omar Jamal did not recant or backpedal away from the video of cash for ballot documents exchange. In fact, we told Lyden that our court-certified translator verified that Jamal did not recant—he told us that he did not have his own translator.

Liban admits to having 20 ballots in his car, instead of 300—that is still more than six times the legal limit. Minnesota’s ban on individuals handling more than three ballots was not suspended—he even acknowledged to us that he understood that enforcement of the three-ballot rule was suspended pending a court-challenge, but it was not overturned. Lyden also acknowledged to us that when Minnesota’s high court Sept. 4 affirmed the three-ballot limit that any violations were open for prosecution—all of this was left on the cutting room floor.

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