Kamala Harris reveals her Marxist principles..

Posted by on November 2, 2020 7:34 am
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“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” -Karl Marx, 1875. 

This Marxist socialist principle refers to forced redistribution of goods, capital and services to those the governing body in charge deems in need. Marxism is the philosophy that has led to the darkest levels of poverty for the SovietsEast GermansVenezuelans, and all others who tried it. But the neoliberals of the United States have decided to ignore things such as historical examples of utter failure, and instead chose to take a Utopian, pollyanna approach to the fairytale they crafted of socialism. 

This now is the same garbage that is taught to our chidren at an early age.

The pleasure of seeing over a fence is such a sweet way to slip candy-coated socialism into our children’s study diets. How could anyone disagree with letting a little child see over a fence, after all? Children are not taught to worry about who takes the box from the larger child. Children are not taught to ask who paid for the boxes. Children are not taught to question individual choice in the matter. Children are not taught to brainstorm ways for the shorter child to figure out a way around the problem on his own. Children are not taught the consequence of the tallest kid electing to not give up his box. Children are taught to swallow sweet socialist pedagogy without thought or question, to wear Utopian horse blinders. If he needs it, it must be handed to him! To each according to his needs! 

Leftist educators see no ethical dilemma in sugarcoating and force-feeding Marxism to our schoolchildren. In fact, they do it openly, with pride and arrogance. They will not stop on their own, they will only continue to grow more emboldened by their success in meddling with young minds. 

The only way to stop this socialist infestation of our grade schools is to stand up for your children, to vociferously object to every lesson plan that shows socialism dressed in sheep’s clothing. Keep an eye on your children’s homework and talk to them every day. Set aside Family Learning Time to teach your kids the truth about “equity” and what happens in the real world when equal results are forced. Remember, it is impossible to make everyone equally rich; it is only possible to make everyone equally poor. 

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