Lockdown protests in London, tear gas and 60+ arrests…

Posted by on November 28, 2020 9:56 pm
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60 arrests made as anti-lockdown patriots march in London

Massive crowds gathered in central London on Saturday to protest lockdown measures, and police followed through on their promise to arrest demonstrators, leading to multiple clashes.

Paris also going Crazy about freedom bill

Security forces fired tear gas at a protest march against police violence in Paris on Saturday after masked protesters launched flares at their lines, put up barricades and threw stones. Thousands of people across France marched in protest of a proposed French security law that would restrict sharing images of police. Civil liberties groups and journalists are concerned that the measure will stifle press freedoms and allow police brutality to go undiscovered and unpunished. The cause has gained renewed importance in recent days after footage emerged of French police officers beating up a Black man, triggering a nationwide outcry. French President Emmanuel Macron spoke out against the video images on Friday, saying “they shame us.”

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