Making Sense of the Nashville Explosion…

Posted by on December 27, 2020 10:47 am
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The 24 Hour Period is Over – Now what really happened?

The perpetrators of the crime, now have control over the narrative of what occurred 6:30 AM Central Time, December 25, 2020, Nashville TN.

Main Objective:

Disrupt or destroy main ATT data trunk lines at Nashville location, disrupting service, in order to fulfill a number of differing objectives.

The objective was accomplished.

Could this have been a missile or some kind of Energy Weapon?

Whatever the spin that comes from here on – whomever is purported to be involved – including video of FBI ‘searching a suspects house’ – Is it all made up?

False ‘evidence’ will be developed, or made up as the the perpetrators see fit for convenience, and a cover story will emerge and evolve over time, to cover the cover story.

Even conflicting details of the developing cover story won’t matter because the American general public has the Attention span of a gnat.

Of course, the patsy for public consumption this time around, will be a ‘white supremacist’, Trump Supporter, Crazy Right Winger which will fit perfectly with the FBI’s ongoing agenda of promoting racial division, endorsing more racial conflict, and pitting black against white.

Already the FBI have come up with a story that the perpetrator had some kind of 5G paranoia.

Whether this was a false flag or a narrative spin just be assured the Mockingbird MSM works hand in glove with the FBI/CIA to push a specific message.

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