PCR Inventor Says Fauci “Not a Scientist”

Posted by on December 10, 2020 4:05 pm
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“Fauci doesn’t understand medicine, he’s an administrator”, “he has an agenda” said Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize winning inventor of PCR tests. Although he died just before Fauci did it again, much bigger than ever, we MUST listen to what he said as the misuse of his PCR test is now the basis for a bigger world wide lockdown.

It all sits on the PCR test which is scientifically meaningless but has become their perfect weapon for social engineering. The Scientific community understands the amount of trickery that a PCR can have without set standards of its sensitivity amplification markers to detect the virus. Even more criminal is creating a test based on an assumption of its viral origin without ever having seen nor examine the Sars COV19 isolated purified virus. This is the greatest fraud perpetrated against the public without having proof for the RNA being of viral origin. This becomes crimes against humanity by the inappropriate use of the PCR processes to amplify fragments of the said virus to claim a positive covid19 case, where any amplification cycle over 30 was used. The science is clear – PCR is a lab manufacturing process, not to be used as a binary test to diagnose any virus, let alone a novel virus that only exists by postulated computational computer models.

These tests are not fit for purpose and quite frankly asymptomatic healthy people getting tested should demand to know what cycle their test was amplified at. Any cycle over 35 should be considered a false positive and should never, ever warrant the consequences of losing their freedom and ordered to quarantine. What has truly become a threat to all of us, is enabling the corrupt politicians to play with medicine.

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