Rand Paul: No Scientific Evidence ‘Tyrannical’ Lockdowns Work

Posted by on December 8, 2020 8:26 am
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Senator Rand Paul spoke out Monday against the policy of lockdowns and restrictions, declaring that there is no evidence they are having any impact on the spread of coronavirus, and that those who say they do are not paying attention.

“We ought to at least still use logic to try to figure out how we stop this …,” Paul said in an appearance on Fox News, adding “I don’t see any evidence that crowd control, hand washing, standing six feet apart, all of these things they tell you to do — closing down the restaurants, closing down the schools — there’s no real evidence that they are changing the trajectory of the disease.”

Paul explained that he isn’t recommending at risk people just ignore the virus, adding “But I’m also telling you that the government shouldn’t tell you you can’t go to church and the government shouldn’t tell you can’t send your kids to a religious school.”

“There’s good advice and you can take advice and you can give advice. But once you mandate it, it doesn’t become advice. It becomes a form of tyranny,” the Senator asserted.

“So I think the government should not be in the form of mandating these things, because sometimes the science isn’t clear and sometimes they change their mind on the science month to month and week to week,” Paul added.

These two psychos are insufferable

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