Sunday Morning Maria Bartiromo November 15, 2020- New Bombshell Voter Fraud Updates

Posted by on November 15, 2020 9:56 am
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President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani on Sunday morning insisted that the presidential election would be “overturned,” claiming he had “evidence” that “corrupt machines” had deleted millions of votes for Trump — but couldn’t share it.

Nonetheless, Giuliani claimed that the campaign had enough affidavits from witnesses who reportedly saw fraud to void hundreds of thousands of votes for the former veep.

“We already have enough affidavits from people who were pushed out from being able to observe, so in each one of those states that he lost narrowly, he won those states probably by 2-3 percent,” he told Bartiromo.

Next Sidney Powell appeared to discuss what she knows about the manipulated and stolen 2020 election result. Ms. Powell walks through a series of issues and highlights some of the fraudulent processes identified in the preliminary ballot review.  The statistical improbabilities are the most transparently obvious evidence, but will a court allow that evidence to be heard…. or will more be needed.

In addition to ballot issues Powell discusses the Dominiom software “glitches” that flipped votes from candidate Donald Trump to candidate Joe Biden.  If what Powell outlines is accurate, and several people have outlined similar issues, there hopefully is a solid way to expose fraud on this scale.

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