‘Susan Rice will be shadow president’…

Posted by on January 17, 2021 9:28 pm
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Grenell with Maria Bartiromo this morning

‘You need to watch Susan Rice very closely’

She will be the shadow president. We have a president-elect in Joe Biden who clearly is not the Joe Biden of 10 years ago. He’s not even the Joe Biden of 5 years ago when it comes to policy issues.”

“We saw him raise his hand during the Democratic primary for some really radical ideas. The progressives have clearly taken over him and I think that that’s why he won. They wanted someone that they could control and Susan Rice being right there at the White House to be the shadow president is probably exactly where she wants to be, behind the scenes. And unchecked.”

“I hope that the Democrats and the Washington, D.C. media and Silicon Valley — specifically Jack Dorsey — see what they have done. We have Germany lecturing us on foreign government, on how we are going after free speech. So I think it’s a crisis and I’m hoping that there are going to be some voices on the left that will stand up and say, ‘we’ve gone too far.’ They’ve already overreached and they haven’t even taken over the white house.”

Grenell said he also hopes for more declassification of intelligence from the Department of Justice.

“ I hope that we will see a whole treasure troll of documents that show the Russian collusion investigation from the very beginning. You will see that career officials knew exactly that this was a phony investigation. Those are in the documents. Unfortunately what we had political appointees during the Obama years who took warning signs and classified them away. That’s kind of the trick that they do. They over-classify anything that you don’t like. The narrative that doesn’t fit their narrative immediately becomes classified.”

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