The Boogaloo Boys is the group the media want to portray as all MAGA Trump Supporters

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The word “Insurrectionist” is the new nomenclature that is circulating through out the MSM. They want to conflate the actions of Far right extremist to peaceful MAGA protestors.

From Rolling Stone

“Boogaloo” has been referred to as an anti-government movement, but it’s not a movement or organization or even a cohesive ideology so much as a meme. “They’re right-leaning and they love their guns,” says Megan Squire, professor of computer science at Elon University, who studies white supremacists and extremists online. “That’s really the extent of a uniting principle.”

The term originated on /k/, a 4chan forum for weapons enthusiasts with notable far-right leanings, and stems from the title of the 1984 sequel Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo (generic internet speak for a sequel). It evolved into slang terminology for an impending revolution, or a second Civil War. “They kind of took what was a popular internet meme calling things a sequel and they put an extremist slant on it by talking about it in the context of a coming civil conflict,” says Howard Graves, senior research analyst at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The fact that it originated in mainstream meme culture also provides a convenient cover for those who use it to argue that its function is purely innocuous, a common tactic among the far right, even though much of their rhetoric is overtly violent and racist. (Although many boogaloo boys deny the latter, it’s particularly salient given the term’s roots as a dance and musical subgenre in black and brown communities). Like many other memes used by the far right, the term boogaloo and its accompanying iconography, such as their predilection for Hawaiian shirts (a play on the term “big luau,” or code for boogaloo) can be cited as evidence that it’s all just an ironic joke not to be taken seriously, which masks the earnestness behind their aims. “While many still use the boogaloo meme jokingly, an increasing number of people employ the phrase to incite an apocalyptic confrontation with law enforcement and government officials or to provoke ethnic warfare,” the authors of a report from the National Contagion Research Institute (NCRI) wrote earlier this year.

“They’re presenting themselves as very libertarian, second amendment types,” says Squire. But the community has also led to numerous calls to violence: In April, for instance, 36-year-old Aaron Swenson was arrested in Arkansas after threatening to murder police officers on Facebook Live.

In recent months, so-called “boogaloo” boys (or bois) started popping up at actions such as the Richmond gun rally back in January. The vast majority are white men in their 20s and 30s, many of whom are ex-military, like two of the men arrested in Nevada, says Squire.

Here is Creepy Joe laying down some rhetoric. I’m sure we will see some new draconian legislature coming soon in the form of a Patriot act 2.0. All this to crush any further protests of the 80 million Americans that voted for Trump.

Some new Video has emerged that looks like a Mix of Boogaloos and Antifa in the senate Chambers.

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