The Hill claims Joe Biden is ‘setting a trap’ for Trump in the first debate

Posted by on September 28, 2020 6:55 am
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From The Hill:

Over the last few months, Trump has been like the ultrasmart kid in class who raises his hand at every question from the teacher to prove he knows the answers. Trump’s enthusiasm to prove his own cognitive abilities would seem to tip that issue in his favor.

And yet a case can be made that, with regard to the expectations game, Biden might be in a stronger position perception wise than Trump and his allies want to believe. To gain the upper hand during their first debate on Tuesday, Biden must be willing to walk a mental and temperamental tightrope for the entire 90 minutes, without slipping once.

To successfully cross the tightrope, and to put Trump at a disadvantage on this issue, Biden must be able to claim the middle ground between elderly and seasoned, between forgetful and thoughtful, between frail and fit, between contentious and courteous — and between politician and statesman.

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