The Propaganda of CNN Exposed…

Posted by on December 2, 2020 7:54 am
Categories: Headlines

Appearing last night on Hannity, James OKeefe joked about an advent-calendar-like daily set of presents for CNN and its CEO Jeff Zucker. If you haven’t heard already, Project Veritas has been recording telephone conference calls at CNN, courtesy of an inside whistleblower, according to what O’Keefe told Hannity (video embedded below). While CNN is fulminating about a lawsuit, O’Keefe is confident in his legal advisers’ position that recording and releasing the calls is legal.

CNN’s new corporate parent, AT&T, is rumored to be trying to sell the network in order to reduce its corporate debt. There are already worries that if Trump does not prevail in his lawsuits and Biden takes office, CNN will not be able use TDS as a lure for viewers.

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